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A cat cafe — are you kidding me?

If you're wondering what a cat cafe is, you're not alone. But it turns out it's pretty much what you probably think it is: a place for seemingly well-paid hipsters to pay other hipsters money to hang out with cats — and in the case of a D.C. cat cafe, $15 an hour.

Yes, you read that right: $15 dollars an hour to hang out with cats.

Cats you may or may not even get to interact with depending on the mood of the cat. It'll be just like any other cafe, only with cats. And you're paying to sit there. 

For about twice the amount of minimum wage. There will likely be snacks, of course, but you can't eat them around the cats, and wine, which you can't drink around the cats, and probably a kitchen, which will be separated from the cats and their many litter boxes.  More

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