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Utah family gets attention for unique pet

LAYTON, Utah – Many people have unusual pets, but not very many families have a pet goose, which is why a Layton family is getting a lot of attention for their family pet.

Kevin and Diane Westcott said geese make great pets.

“We started keeping geese back in 2003, and with our first set of geese that we got, one of the goslings started to go lame on us, and we had never kept geese before, so we started doing some research and we found this website for the Goose Mother,” Diane Westcott said. “And on there she said that geese made great pets and how she had developed a diaper harness for them and everything else, and I thought, ‘wow that would be so much fun to have a house goose.’”

“And I said, ‘No,’” Kevin Westcott said.

But four years later, the family had a house goose.  More

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