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'Cat on a Diet' Review - Yes, You Can Has All The Cookies You Want

Sometimes it's great to just hunker down and play an absolutely ridiculous game that serves no purpose other than to amuse us for limited quantities of time. Cat on a Diet, ironically enough, is about a cat who will literally risk his life to avoid losing weight.

The setup is pretty nonsensical (as you can imagine, based on the title), as our titular cat, Dr. Meow, finds out that he can't fit through the pet door in his owner's house because he's so fat. His solution? Apparently to drown his sorrows by eating more and more cookies. Although it feels wrong on so many levels, your end goal is get a giant obese cat into a big tub of cookies. Dr. Meow himself isn't as captivating as, say, Cut the Rope's Om Nom, but he's a welcome character all the same.  More

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